post surgery: surgery day

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Break my heart why don’t ya?! Got this image from her nurse this evening. To me she looks sooooo sad. They said she’s very out of it still but is looking good and vitals are perfect. The look on her face just hurts me so much. I can see sadness in her eyes and not picking up her head. I’m in tears

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7 thoughts on “post surgery: surgery day”

  1. That is the what have you done to me look. Just wait till you pick her up, she will be glad to see you for a second. The first 2 weeks is tough, you will get that look often, but it gets better quick. Just remember you did the right thing. Head up.

  2. Ahhh, poor baby. It is tough to see them like that. But there is good news today – she made it through the surgery ok. That is a major hurdle behind you. I remember when I found the whole recover too overwhelming, I tried to break it down into small accomplishments. I made a list of all the things we had to overcome – like dropping her off for surgery, getting through the first night, picking her up for surgery, eating, first steps, getting off pain meds, getting stitches out, etc. Every time we accomplished one of these, I crossed them off the list and soon I had more crossed off than remaining. Take it day by day and celebrate the good news for today!

    1. That’s smart! Surgery is complete, she’s not interested in food yet but it’s only 6.5hrs post op they didn’t seem concerned. She’s TRYING to get up but needs lots of help (the vets said she seems to think it’s super easy until she tries it then she’s like OH CRAP THIS STUFF IS HARD)


    What you are seeing in that picture is NOT sad eyes!! It IS the look of a dog on heavy pain meds just coming out pf anesthesia! Your Duchess is high as a kite eight NOW and romping with lots of pink elephants!😎

    When you fo,pick her up, go in with a smile and with a strong and confident demeanor. Don’t even bother to look at her incision or draw any attention to it (you can glance at it later….amd they shave a lot of fur!!), just applaud and tell her what a good girl she is!!

    Now get some sleep tonight!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. No worries avput not eating yet. She’s drugged and not interested non food eight NOW. She may not eat formpoop for a couple of days…that’s normal at first. Drinking and peeing are more important.

    Just the fact tjat she’s even TRYING to stand this early is astounding!! Quite the Warrior!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too-

  5. As all have said so far, she is on amazing drugs and her spirit will carry her with back up. Be positive and confident for her. These guys and girls are amazingly resilient. When the pain is gone she will snap back in attitude and that will help her adjust to her new way of life.

  6. Yes, everything Sally said. The meds are so strong. Our 75 lb boy was out when we first brought him home. He was dead weight after a 30 minute drive and I needed to ask a male neighbor to help lift him out of the car. You may want to recruit some help. That’s something I didn’t think about ahead of time. The incision is shocking but remind yourself that you are truly giving her a precious gift, more time with you. She will be feeling better soon. Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way.

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